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"Our new app has
increased our takeout
orders 45%
Sushi Restaurant

"We love our reminder
system.  Our patients have
responded well."
Bellview Family Practice

"Our collections are up
16% and our no-show rate
is way down."
South County Mental Health

"Our participants
responded well to the new
messaging system."
March of Dimes

"Our overdue inventory was
reduced by 35% after one
call session
College Cleaners
About Us
We're a one-stop solution for business communications designed to connect customers
to your business.

We've been in the business for over six years and pledge to leverage that experience to
offer the best solutions at the most competitive prices.

Besides outstanding solutions, you can count on Notification Media to provide world-
class technical support and customer service.

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Our systems are HIPAA compliant.  Our hosting facilities our fully secured, bunked and
password protected.  Data is encrypted to protect your PHI.

Problem Solved

Business Marketing on Smart Devices       Let us build your mobile app

High no-show rate
                                                try appointmentreminders

Client/patient marketing, print registration forms            build a website

Staff spending too much time on the phone       appointment reminders

Non-compliant and disease-managed patients      use recall reminders

On Hold callers hearing the wrong message            on-hold messaging