Appointment Reminder -

Utilize the power of Notification Media to notify and confirm patient
appointments, reducing no-shows by an average of 25%.  And send these
important messages using your choice of phone - email - text.
 Other common
call types are recalls, pharmacy refills, past due balance notices, wellness,
outreach and much more.

Reduce No-Shows
Instantly reduce no-shows by automating your appointment reminder calls.  Appointment
Reminder can send a friendly call in the evening time when patients are more likely to be home.  
Patients are given response options to confirm, cancel or leave a message.

Reduce FTE expenses & generate additional revenue
Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows and eliminate the many hours of FTE time
needed to make reminder calls.  It's that simple.  Cut costs while making more money.  It's why
appointment reminders pay for themselves quickly.

Increase patient satisfaction
Patients like to be reminded of appointments because they value their doctor visits.  We can help
patients remember their appointments with our friendly reminder.

Message quality
The days of auto-dialers and robo-callers are gone.  Our messages are recorded on your behalf
by professional voice talent - messages that your patients will connect with.  We do not use
electronic voices.

Calling window
Call timing is critical to get the most out of patient reminders.  At Notification Media, we can call in
the evening time when patients are more likely to be at home.  Calling during the daytime, like
most reminder companies do, is mostly ineffective due to work schedules.

Who's calling me?
Our technology is redefining the industry with Caller ID Pulsing.  Even though the calls originate
from our data centers, we can show your practice as the inbound caller on the Patients' caller ID.

Simple execution
We host everything needed to make the calls so there's no special hardware or software for you to
manage at your office.  Using your existing scheduling software to create a patient file enables you
to upload your call list quickly.  We inspect each file import, then deliver high-quality, custom
messages to your patients.  Call results are provided.                       

Secure PHI
Facilities and systems used by Notification Media comply and even exceed strict HIPAA
guidelines.  Bunkered, password-protected and encrypted applications behind the scenes are
used to secure protected health care information.

What else?
Appointment reminder is very useful in sending mass messages and collection calls.

    Mass Messaging -  Practices can send thousands of notifications in minutes, saving time
    and postage.  Send wellness, childhood immunization and breast cancer awareness
    campaigns in snap.

    Collections - Tackle outstanding AR balances with automated collection calls.
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Health Systems
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Subscription Sales
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Heating and Cooling
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Satellite Sales
Market Research
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