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involved with phone calls, collections, postage and staff time.

Salons, Attorneys, Brokers, Advisors, Collections, Non-Profit and many more can benefit
from voice broadcast, on-hold, after hours CC, and website design.

Let us make your reminder calls at a fraction of the cost of a paying staff to do so.  

Collection Calls
Reduce your AR before turning your past dues over to a collections agency.  Collection calls
are proven to bring in revenue by giving customers paying options in a friendly manner.

Mass Voice Broadcast Calling (great for large businesses)
Need to get the word out quickly?  Mass calls, email and text message campaigns are very
effective.  Saves postage expenses.

On-Hold Messaging
Broadcast an infomercial for your business while customers wait on hold.  Entertain and
inform while you have a captive audience.

Website Design and Host
All business need a website.  Ready to market your business online?

After Hours Call Center
Hate to miss a potential sale because you're out of the office.  After hours receptionist can
make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Industry Uses

Dry Cleaners
Carpet Cleaning
Lawn Care
Subscription Sales
Cell Phones
Credit Cards
Heating and Cooling
Debt Collections
Satellite Sales
Market Research
Political Campaigns
Community Alerts
"Our past due inventory was
reduced by over 30% after only
one call session.

College Cleaners

"Our participants responded well
to the new messaging system."

March of Dimes