Collection Calls
Past Due Collections?  No problem
Every business needs helps collecting outstanding balances.  Notification Media Collections
was designed to send a friendly call to past-due accounts giving them instructions on how to
become current.  A phone call is proven to get results rather than endless invoices.  Phone
messages can offer patients clear options on how to pay their bill.

Clients appreciate a courtesy reminder to pay bills.  Our staff will record a friendly message
containing your custom script.  

And don't worry about being bombarded with patient calls.  We can stagger the calls to occur
ongoing throughout the day to make sure calls trickle into your call center instead of all at

So before you surrender your past-due AR to a collection firm, give Notification Collections a
try. The return on investment is powerful by retaining otherwise lost revenue.

Collection agencies have been utilizing automated collection calls for years. Why not you?   
It's simple and easy to use.
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Simple to Use

1.  Create File  -  using your existing accounting software
2.  Upload File  -  to us and we execute the calls
3.  Check Call Results  -  at your convenience