On Hold Messaging
What do your customers hear when they call your office?  

A friendly voice for sure, but what about when customers are placed on hold?  Are they subjected
to silence?  Beeping?  Local radio?  Generic music?

None of these options are good for a professional business.  Your telephone is the virtual front
door to your business.  All aspects of phone encounters should be first-rate customer
experiences, including their time spent on hold.

No one likes to be placed on hold, but when you have a professional custom message playing,
callers tend to tolerate the delay more graciously. There's nothing worse than having an irritable
client on the phone when you return.  

With our
on-hold messaging system your patients will be entertained and informed while they
hold.  Your on-hold airtime will broadcast detailed information about your business
back-dropped by upbeat background music to provide a classy production that will impress your

Take advantage of this marketing opportunity. On-hold messaging act as a mini-commercial
for your business telling patients interesting facts about your practice.

On-Hold plugs right into your existing phone system - guaranteed.


With your business
information, we'll write
your script and record the
entire 10 minute

You get to choose from
our diverse collection of
background music and
voice talent.

Free changes.
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